The Songs of Seyyed Ali Asghar Kordestani

Vocals : Seyed Ali Asghar Kordestani

Vocals : Seyyed Ali Asghar Kordestani

 Seyyed Ali-Asqar Kordestani was born in Salavat-Abad village near Sanandaj,His father was called Seyyed Nezameddin and was an esteemed and religious man in his territory. He sent his son from early age to study with one of the greatest men of faith in Sanandaj. After several years, Ali-Asqar attained his mastery in Qur'an recitation and soon became famous for his beautiful and excellent voice. His fame went beyond his birth place to nearby towns and villages.
His melancholic, pleasant voice and his extended range of tones, his rapid trills in upper registers are among the most evident characteristics of his art of singing. The heart-rending and tragic character of his voice is immediately perceived by the listener, even though he or she may not know the meaning of the words he sings. Seyyed Ali-Asqar Kordestani died in 1936 in his birthplace, Salavat-Abad, and was buried there. May his soul would rest in peace forever.

Published [15/01/2002]

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