Sections from the Radif of Mirza Hoseyn Qoli

Played by: Ostad Fakhamoddole Behzadi

Played by: Ostad Fakhamoddole Behzadi

(2 CDs)

 The present set of CDs contains parts of the radif of Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli (d. 1916), the master tar-player of the Qajar court, which was played by one of his students, Fakham al-Dawle Behzadi. This radif has always been considered one of the most authentic versions of the radif of Farahani family (Mirza Abdollah and his brother, Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli). Although this radif was released two times before (for the first time by Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art, 2000; and for the second time by Ava-ye Barbad Music Inc., 2004), it was never introduced and presented properly. In this set, all attempts have been made to present the recordings of Fakham al-Dawle in the best possible way. In so doing, an accompanying note is written in both Persian and English to show the significance of this radif and its characteristic features in the development of Persian classical music and also all the gushes sections are tracked based on the divisions of the performer himself. ...

Published [10/09/2005]

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