Radif of Ostad Abolhasan Saba for Santur (Chapkuk)

Compiled by Ostad Faramarz Payvar- Arramged & edited by Mina Oftade
  • Book Number [124]
  • Published [18/06/2011]
  •  pages [188]
  •  ISBN [9790802604254]
  •  This book is The Radif of  PersianMusic for Santur, interpreted by Ostad Abolhasan Saba, compiled by Ostad Faramarz Payvar, and is arranged for chap-kuk by Mina Oftade who has arranged this radif for chap-kuk as her project at the end of Saba workshop by Ostad Faramarz Payvar.
فروش این محصول به پایان رسیده است