Regional Music of Persia 3 (Qashqayi Music)

Collected & recorded by: Foroud Gorginpour


CD Number [161]

Published [30/10/2004]

Collected & recorded by: Foroud Gorginpour
accompanying notes by: Sasan Fatemi


Music in Qashqayi Tribe
.Kashkuli, Sheshboluki, Khalaj, Farsi-Madan, Safi-Khan, Rahimi, Karrayi, Bayat, Darreh-Shuri, and Igder are the most famous of Qashqayi clans. The people are for the most part cattle and horse-breeders, the women weave kilims and other testiles.
Regarding the repertoire the type of instrument, the Qashqayi musician belongs to one of these three categories, namely Asheqs, Changis, and Sarebanan. ... 




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