Radif of Hoseyn Qoli

According to the version of Ostad Ali Akbar Shahnazi (Tar)

According to the version of
Ostad Ali Akbar Shahnazi - Tar

(3 CDs)

 Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli (ca. 1851-1915) was the youngest son of Aqa Ali-Akbar Farahani, a highly prestigious master musician and tar-player at the Qajar court. According to Ruhollah Khaleqi in The History of Persian Music, Aqa Ali-Akbar Farahani, the director of the royal ensemble at the court of Nasereddin Shah, was regarded as the master musician and the most eminent performer of his time. He had three sons, the first of whom died in youth and his other two sons were respectively Mirza Abdollah and Mirza Hoseyn-Qoi. Aqa Ali-Akbar himself died while his sons were very young, hence they could not study with their father. After Aqa Ali-Akbar's passing away, his widowed wife got married to his nephew, Aqa Gholam-Hoseyn, who was a wonderful student of his uncle, Aqa Ali-Akbar. Then the two brothers, Mirza Abdollah and Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli, began studying music with their cousin and step-father, Aqa Gholam-Hoseyn. The available recording of his performances demonstrate the unrivaled virtuosity of Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli. Among Mirza Hoseyn-Qoli's three sons, `Ali-Akbar and Abdol-Hoseyn Shahnazi chose music as their career and followed their father's path. ...

Published [07/11/2003]

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