On the Wind

Peyman Yazdanian

Featuring the original soundtracks of Reward of Silence (Maziar Miri, director), A Piece of Bread (Kamal Tabrizi) and Friday’s Soldiers (Massoud Kimiai), Peyman himself explains:
Other than my passion for writing film scores, I have a special relationship with each of the pieces in this collection. The atmosphere of Reward of Silence made it possible to pay homage to the magic wind instrument duduk. When the director of Friday's Soldiers painted the world of his movie for me, I started composing the score in a way that was diametrically opposed to the geography and lore of its setting. In A Piece of Bread I was inspired by a long forgotten maqam called Sahari, revived by my friend and cousin Kiya Tabassian. It allowed me to enter an abstract world of ancient music. All these were opportunities that the magic screen afforded me.

Total Time: 45:03

released on Saturday, August 09, 2008

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