Faramarz Payvar Tasnifs

Compiled by Mina Oftadeh and Ramtin Nazariju

Publish Year : 2017

About this work, we read:

"In Persian music, the name of Professor Faramarz Payvar, in addition to the style and manner of playing, and the development of the most complete training course for Santour from beginner to excellent, is also good in composing and classifying.  During His lifetime, He decided to collect his own works, which, unfortunately, did not come up with this opportunity, and with the help of two of the students, we were keen and willing to collect this treasure. Volunteering to compile and recive the script, and Bahare Sepasi, with a specific skill and precision, was able to write  Latin letters and Persian poems, and they both worked well in the work. 

فروش این محصول به پایان رسیده است