Electric & Tuneable Tonbak

The first tuneable Tombak / Drum / Zarb
تولید کننده: Alireza Heydari



  • The First Tuneable Tombak / Persian Drum/ Zarb confirmed by Tonbak Players
  •  Insensitive to climate changes 
  • One year Warranty
  • The diameter of head: 27 cm
  • Made from fiber glass
  • Usable with the urban Voltage of 110-220.There is a key in the back of transformator to adjust the voltage. Note that the instrument and transformator will be malfunctioned by incorrect use
  • Usable with the Car electricity and potential batteries
  • Adjustable internal temperature by transformator
  • Delivery time: 20-30 days after payment



                                                                                                                   Please watch video sample of this Tombak here : 


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