Dayereh Dayere- Frame drum (Synthetic head)

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  • The Synthetic drum head is largely insensitive to climate changes
  • Diameter: 37 cm 
  • Pre-tuned
  • Weight:628 gr
  • Each individual Dayereh is tuned to the most suitable pitch
  • Constant combination of constitutional elements through the skin’s surface
  • Constant head tension of the surface area over the entire diameter of the instrument
  • Synthetic head avoids moisture absorption
  • Stable tuning / pitch during an entire performance
  • Facilitates a harmonious ensemble performance
  • No frame deformation due to head's symmetric tension
  •  Synthetic head avoids degradation
  • Synthetic head avoids unpleasant smell
  • Synthetic head prevents skin irritation and allergic reactions  
  • Delivery time : 1-3 days after payment


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